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Our company has passed the global organic textile standard GOTS version 4.0 certification.

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Organic cotton textiles are any (other) and production (crop) approved under the European Union Regulation (EC) 834/2007, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Engineering Standard (NOP) or the IFOAM (International Organic Agriculture Movement Alliance) family of standards. Planting or animal breeding) related standards for the certification of "organic" or "organic conversion" natural fibers, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the global organic textile standard GOTS version 4.0 production of processed textiles.
In order to further meet the market demand for eco-textiles and organic textiles in the international textile market, and to provide consumers with more environmentally friendly and comfortable textiles, our company----Tongyi (Quanzhou) Light Industry Co., Ltd. began in the first half of 2016. Started the certification of organic cotton textiles. To this end, our company has done a lot of preparatory work, including: carefully studying and training the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) version 4.0, preparing organic cotton production management manuals and procedures, and carrying out grey cloths and dyes according to standard requirements. The supplier's screening and screening, batch-to-batch training for relevant employees, rectification of production sites and warehouses, implementation of special machine area production and isolation storage, design and re-configuration of the corresponding signs, etc., to ensure that our company The organic cotton products produced meet the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) version 4.0.
On August 26-27, 2016, the third-party certification body conducted a strict organic cotton textile certification audit for our company. The auditors conducted a systematic review of the relevant documents, materials, and production sites and warehouses of our company. The Division expressed full affirmation on a series of work on organic cotton textile production. At the same time, it also conducted on-site guidance on some details and proposed rectification suggestions.
After the on-site audit, our company immediately rectified or improved some details based on the audit opinion. On October 26th, 2016, our company obtained the certification of the Global Organic Textile Standard Version 4.0 issued by the third-party certification body Control Union, which indicates that our company has made unremitting efforts to obtain the global organic textile dyeing and processing and trade. Qualifications can further provide more, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable organic cotton textiles for consumers.
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