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At the beginning of the founding of the company (Quanzhou) Light Industry Co., ltd.. Enterprise technology center since its inception, has been in accordance with the "high standards and strict requirements, to become the industry benchmark" requirements for construction. After years of development and improvement, has been initially built a sound system, strict management, work standards, infrastructure, strong technical force of the enterprise technology center. The enterprise technology center in February 2012 by the Quanzhou Municipal People's Government awarded the "technology center" Quanzhou municipal enterprises, and in the same year in December by the economic and Trade Commission of Fujian Province, Fujian province science and technology department and other seven departments jointly awarded the "Fujian provincial enterprise technology center".
Enterprise technology center under the Ministry of technology, research and development center, testing center and information center four two functional departments, the two departments according to the management, development, testing, information collection and other functions, and then set the relevant functional departments of the three grade. Enterprise technology center has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than and 50 people, the test area is about 1100m2, from the United States, Germany, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the introduction of the Data colour600 color measurement instrument, a new solution of modulation system, dye titration machine, universal testing machine, Q-SUN light color fastness tester, automatic shrinkage tester American Standard, shrinkage and other advanced research and testing equipment more than and 60 sets of equipment, the value of about 10000000 yuan. And developed a stable performance, high technology content and market prospects of the "environmental protection knitted elastic fabric, antibacterial functional knitted fabric, far-infrared knitted fabrics, fabric skin care xylitol cool feeling", "skin collagen fabric" and other new products, has won the "mint fragrance the knitted underwear fabric finishing method of organic germanium, a skin fabric processing method" and a number of national patents.
Enterprise technology center practice "pioneering, pragmatic, efficient and harmonious" spirit of enterprise, the implementation of "market oriented, quality of survival, relying on science and technology for development, to management for efficiency" business principles, continue to increase investment in scientific research, focus on new products, new technology, new materials, new technology research, the development and application, and extensive use of high technology to transform traditional industries, promote enterprises to take the connotation of development.