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Tongyi (Quanzhou) Light Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a set of weaving, dyeing, printing, underwear production for the integrated enterprise, is a key enterprise in Quanzhou city and Jinjiang City, dyeing and underwear production enterprises, listed as the Jinjiang City Reserve enterprise. The company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, the registered capital of HK $173 million 850 thousand, the enterprise covers an area of 65 thousand square meters, construction area of 120 thousand square meters, a total investment of 500 million yuan, more than and 550 employees, with an annual output of 30000 tons of dyeing and finishing of knitted fabric, knitted fabric, printed cloth weaving 4000 tons of processing 1000 tons and 5 million dozen underwear production capacity, annual output value of 500 million yuan, tax exceeds ten million yuan. Because of the development, is looking for the following personnel:



Fringe benefits:
1, monthly wages paid in full.
2, living area with a restaurant, for each employee to provide work meals.
3, for each employee to work injury insurance and maternity insurance.
To improve the performance management mechanism, the company has 4, monthly production award, quality award, full attendence award and other awards; both quarterly and annual selection of outstanding employees, excellent management; provide professional occupation planning and promotion platform, fair and open, broad space for development staff.
5, the company has more than 1 years of seniority for employees with seniority award, encourage employees to grow together with the enterprise for a long time.
6, the company pays attention to humanized management and enterprise culture construction, employee birthday, the company provides birthday cake; in case of major holidays, organize recreational sports activities, and issued a generous gift.
7, the company's elegant environment, working and living environment superior, equipped with management room, standard couples room, dormitory (each only 2-3 people), each room with independent toilet, air conditioning, hot water supply for 24 hours.
Contact: Mr. Xu Chen Human Resources Department
Tel: 13799551502 15980065691 0595-88296188
Address: an East Development Zone "Jinjiang province Fujian City Shenhu town billion industrial park"